Will Extensions Ruin My Hair?

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..’It absolutely depends on the application’..

Hair Extension Expert: Teona Douglas

I love the art of being an extension expert (that’s what they call me). However, clients need to understand that this fine masterpiece on your head…is best paired WITH the right technique for YOUR hair texture.

Okay! Hear me me out…

There are over 10 plus different methods to install hair extensions! I know right?! So..It absolutely depends on the application..If it’s not the right application for your hair texture, the installation may cause tension alopecia and other various scalp irritations or loss of hair. That’s why it’s SO important to book a consultation with your local professional Stylist, so they can go over some questions and concerns you may have.

How to to take care of your hair? Different texture of hair extensions? Your hair texture? Your life style and your hair routine? This allows us to see what technique would work best for you!

Thus comes a beautiful slay hair journey! 

I love it. Slay on LuxHeir

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